Many of us being approach by unit trust consultant and telling us it is good to invest in unit trust and so on.. you will get better return sometimes they will claim up to 34% annually which will trigger somebody to invest. But in reality is many people who invest in unit trust don't actually understand what is it about. By the way i am not a unit trust consultant or associated with them. What I am writing here is truly based on my experience.

I did invest in unit trust few years back. Not much actually. But I found out that during the withdrawal, I did lose some of my initial investment. Same goes to both of my parents.

Most of the unit trust agent did not actually explain the details to their customer regarding their investment. They did not educate the customer. And some of the agent after a while quit doing consultation and most of the customer don't have anybody else to refer to. This really make the unit trust industry look really really bad.

Unit trust is a mid term to long term investment. You need a good consultant to actually manage your fund and give you advice either to put in or to withdraw. Not many consultant like this we can find. Because most consultant they are only interested in the one time commission only.

To summarize the whole thing about unit trust is to get a really good unit trust consultant to actually manage your investment. Ask them as many question as you like until you are satisfied. Check their portfolio as well. Invest your money wisely.


  1. Anonymous // July 30, 2014 at 9:18 AM  

    Yes..what u say totally right..some fund not perform and we didnt get the advice at the time we suppose to get..i can say most unit trust agent will not look at your face again once they get their commision..they didnt care about your money after that..if u r zero bout investment then u in the deep shit..u will not know where to refer where to go and when to withdraw..even when u make profit also u dont know..same goes when ur profit -ve..just to share..i like the word - they not educate..